Quick & Dirty Project Planner

After a long period of trying to find a tool that we can easily use to create a presentable to the client project plan we ended up building a small app we wish to share with you.

See the problem with all available tools out there is that either they are subscription based or too complex or too thin. To be honest, it maybe us who are being weird.

Anyways, it all started by trying to make an MS Excel worksheet that would display all different teams participating in a project and their tasks. Something like a Gantt chart that we can present to the client and all stakeholders in order to agree on dates and deliverables.

But it was taking far too long to put everything in place and colorize the cells according to which team owns what task. So was setting the weekends and holidays etc.

Long story short we did what we know best. We created a single html file, gave it a few lines of Javascript and some CSS and boom… we had our plan ready! All we had to do then was to copy paste the table into our Excel file, freeze some panes and off off we go.

Since we got so far we thought why not take it a bit further and try make this standalone application that we can use a few buttons and forms to input the teams, sections and tasks. Nothing fancy but a few simple dialogs with no graphics to make our life simpler.

Quick & Dirty Project Planner was born!! :-)

Yes we know it’s nothing much but it does its work, plus it can be hosted and shared with other stakeholders. No need for complex installations just copy paste to a folder on a PHP server and you are done. Obviously there might be a few bugs or missing things that could make it better, but we only had that much time. Feel free to download, use it or even make it better and share it back with others.

Download files here.
See a working demo here.

If you do not have a PHP server you could easily:

  1. rename the index.php to index.html
  2. loose the save/reload links in the newly created index.html
  3. remove the contents save_plan() function in base.js

and have yourself the planner running anywhere, even on your desktop.

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  1. Dimitris Athanasiadis’s avatar

    Το κάνατε επιτέλους αυτό που μου λεγες πριν καιρο ε; Μπράβο! Άντε να το βγάλετε και σε SaaS;)


    1. nitor’s avatar

      Μπα υποκατάστατο είναι μέχρι να βρούμε χρόνο να φτιάξουμε αυτό που σκεφτόμαστε. Προσωρινά μας λήνει τα χέρια σε κάποια πράγματα.


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