Nitorsys is always NearU

Back in March we were hit with a serious case of Springtime. We were consumed with visions of flowers, fields and beautiful women running through them with baskets full of flowers and small ones in their hair (that’s small flowers. Not small baskets). We were so consumed with these visions that we actually sat down and…

developed a Facebook application to record our positions on the map!

There's a screenshot for ya! ;D

There's a screenshot for ya! ;D

NearU was built based on Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 using LINQ to SQL to integrate with the data layer and Lambda expressions to keep code as compact as possible. We used the Google Maps API and extended it to create a custom Google Maps environment. Then we used advanced JQuery to make calls at the server as transparent as possible and minimize the page refresh.

Here are some links to read up for those of you who want to learn some more info:

-Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
-Lambda Expressions
-Google Maps API

So now, instead of just wondering where that cutie you see at the bus stop every morning lives, you just log on NearU and pray that she has installed our application! Spread the word (and meet more people… NearU)!

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  1. John Bait’s avatar

    Interesting post, definately food for thought hehe



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