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We proudly present a most… tastefull website. The Food Project is bound to make your mouth water. Recipes for food and drink, clever techniques, expert advice and news, all wrapped up in one!

An interesting site to build, is full of tasty recipes, chef’s secrets and detailed, step-by-step instructions so that you too can wear the white hat! The team behind this company, young and motivated, also include relative news items and many useful information for people interested in opening restaurants.

We keep going back for more.

Our latest project features the freshest ingredients. Paskalis Kreta is a top exporter of fresh fruit and vegetables with a network spanning the largest part of Europe and the Balkans.

Their privately owned units are held up to the highest standards for food safety and the safequarding of the products’ freshness. Handling a variety of juicy products their production process is very specific and based on expert advice.

Open your e-books and get ready!

We recently undertook a project for OLN, a new and innovative distance learning company. Open Learning Network, the website in question, provides different programmes, supports open access to learning for everyone and allows synchronous online learning.

As they clearly state themselves: “Through in-house seminars, as well as webinars and e-clinics you can acquire and develop new skills so as to be competitive in the workplace. Basic advantages are personal contact, comfort and flexibility, as well as time saving during learning.”

We wish them good luck and urge you to keep an eye on them!

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words “Sports Drink”? That’s right! GATORADE!

GATORADE: The #1 Sports Drink in the World has a mini-site

We launched a very pretty mini-site for the #1 Sports Drink in the world! In its pages you will find all the information you need about Gatorade , its history, nutrition facts as well as information about the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. What’s really exciting is that this is the place to go to take part in all the great contests and win amazing prizes.
This new project is a continuation of our co-operation with PepsiCo-IVI and we were very interested in developing this new and spunky mini-site!

Check out all their tasty facts at!

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After developing a… fashionable website for the Best O Stores, we now launched the new corporate website for ISC, the fashion company that hails from the heart of Greece. Representing over a dozen of the most well-known brands such as O’Neill and DKNY Jeans, ISC has spread quickly with 450 stores in the whole of Greece and keeps growing.

ISC: A fashionable launch!

We were happy sharing our clean-design ideas and structuring this website in a simple way, aimed to guide the user towards all the important information about the company and its products. Once again, our customers showed their trust in the ease-of-use of NitorDynamic, our very own CMS, that supports greatly the look and feel of the project.

Check out the information and subscribe for the ISC newsletter!

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We bring you our latest site: A new home for our dear friends and work partners – the PoorDesigners!


Take your time and browse through their projects, immersing yourselves in the design.

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We have created the first website for PepsiCo-IVI, one of the largest companies of its kind in Greece, with very positive results.


Mr Pavlos Katsivelis, President & CEO of Pepsico-IVI, said: “We were very pleased with the look and feel of our new site. The client centric design emphasizes the breadth and quality of the products and services we provide. It also highlights the new profile and the modern image of PepsiCo-IVI”. The project was developed in the positive spirit that distinguishes the cooperation between Nitorsys and PepsiCo-IVI.

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Hear, hear! We’ve got a new site today!
Nitorsys proudly presents:


The well-known fashion store came to us to represent their essence on the net. Handling all the visual design and writing excellent code we created custom solutions to present their visitors with all the necessary information on the ISC company, the many different store locations, as well as all the famous brands they carry. Our customers use NitorDynamic™, our very own CMS, for ultimate ease!

Our first class animated headers gave the site a unique look ‘n’ feel and gave this site an extra boost. Check out the exclusive photo and video galleries for all the brands, subscribe for a newsletter or just browse for fashion!

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Back in March we were hit with a serious case of Springtime. We were consumed with visions of flowers, fields and beautiful women running through them with baskets full of flowers and small ones in their hair (that’s small flowers. Not small baskets). We were so consumed with these visions that we actually sat down and…

developed a Facebook application to record our positions on the map!

There's a screenshot for ya! ;D

There's a screenshot for ya! ;D

NearU was built based on Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 using LINQ to SQL to integrate with the data layer and Lambda expressions to keep code as compact as possible. We used the Google Maps API and extended it to create a custom Google Maps environment. Then we used advanced JQuery to make calls at the server as transparent as possible and minimize the page refresh.

Here are some links to read up for those of you who want to learn some more info:

-Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
-Lambda Expressions
-Google Maps API

So now, instead of just wondering where that cutie you see at the bus stop every morning lives, you just log on NearU and pray that she has installed our application! Spread the word (and meet more people… NearU)!

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