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Where to start, where to start?

Programming is a hard job (especially during the summer in Athens -where it’s HOT!) but we absolutely love it! Working on all kinds of different projects -some times all at once- is our high, producing excellent results is a must and having fun in the process is… well, the only way to work!┬áThe long hours tend to get longer as we procrastinate and what better tool on which to hone this art than blogging! ;D

Let’s just say that we’ll try to keep you up to date with all our work and games. We’d also love to hear your opinions on our projects and share some ideas, so don’t hold back! As true procrastinators, we’ll even procrastinate on our procrastination tool, so be patient with us! We’ll update as often as possible!

See you soon!

Welcome to the Nitor Systems Blog!

Be patient! We’ll be up and blogging in no time!